Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cherokee Mini Unit

I rearranged WP's schedule for the Native American units to match more regionally.  Since exploration of America started in the east, the woodland Indians made sense to me.  We started with the Cherokee and If You Lived With the Cherokee.  As usual, I made some lapbooking components to put in our notebooks.  I wrote some notes about each picture under it.

These are the types of food that the Cherokee had access to.  I made this one.  The things are stored in the basket pocket.

These 2 pics are from the inside of "Tools."  There are 2 tabs in the mini book, Stones and Bones.  We identified each item, then labeled it.

I made this worksheet to investigate the Cherokee way to name children and change names, etc.  This one is Coco's, and she chose her name to be "Flower Girl."

I made these 2 simple mini books.  Inside we wrote what the summer and winter homes were made from.

The flap book on the left are some herbal medicines the Cherokee used.  I made this one.  The pocket on the right is actually from The Courage of Sarah Noble components we did from HomeschoolShare.com.

This is the inside of one flap of the Herbal Medicine booklet.  Interestingly, the goldenseal was mixed with bear fat and smeared on the skin as a mosquito repellant, and the yellow root leaves were used in a tea for stomachaches.

As usual, let me know if you want a PDF via e-mail.  I hope to start posting some of my freebies possibly on Homeschool Launch or something.  I have to go and figure it out, though.  ;)



  1. this is a great idea. i want to do this lapbook that you made but the file i got from you a while ago doesn't work for some reason. so i might need to get a PDF version of it.

  2. This is fabulous. I would love to use this with my kids. I'd love a copy if you still have one!!!

  3. I will definitely be sending this to you!

  4. I would love to use this, it looks great. Can you send me a pdf?

  5. I will email you personally Roni, but thought I would respond here if someone else is interested. My hard drive failed, and I lost much of my supplemental material that I had not shared yet. :( I actually may have this backed up, though. Let me check, and I will certainly send it to you.

  6. I would love to use this lapbook for our trip to the Smokey Mountains Cherokee reservation. Would it be possible to send via e-mail?

  7. Hello, thank you so much for your request! I believe I have this backed up after our hard drive failed, but as of yet, I cannot access it, as the disk I saved it on doesn't fit into our desktop yet. Once I get a converter (assuming I did back this one up), then I'm going to share this popular mini unit in its entirety.