Saturday, August 14, 2010



I love hummingbirds.  I don't know why, they're rascally little fellows, they're a tad rude, and they tell me off every time I go on my back deck!

My feeder isn't in the best place (yet), but here's a pretty good shot of our little one.  I was told by a local that a mix of 3 cups water with 1 cup of sugar will attract the most hummingbirds, but not anything more concentrate.

Even when I stand in the window, they blatantly hover right outside my window and look at me.  I can just hear them thinking "Yeah, that's what I thought!" Little cuties.  I want to plant hummingbird/butterfly bushes all over the backyard, but my husband thinks we'll be attacked by the ferocious little hoverers! 


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