Monday, August 2, 2010

Vikings Mini Lapbook/Notebook

We studied Vikings for our American History studies for about a week.  We are using WinterPromise's American Story 1, so we used those links and books.  Here is a list of books that we used.

I found many wonderful web sites and lapbooks/notebooks on the Internet.  I will put where I found it (if I can remember) below each picture.  Some of them I made, so if you're interested, contact me.

Mamma Viking

Yiva Viking

Viking Vittles Look under Chapter 2 components, page 1; I compiled the foodstuffs (contact me).

3D Interactive Maps

I made this notebooking page.

How Did They Dress? This is found under Chapter 4 components, at the end of page 2.

There is a pocket we created to store our Viking paper dolls in.

Viking Runes This is found under Chapter 6 components, page 4.

I made this notebooking page.

Web Sites

Thorkel and the Trading Voyage game This whole page is interesting, but there is an interactive game near the bottom.



  1. Great! Are you enjoying Winter Promise? I really wanted to use it but it was to pricey for us this go around. We like SOTW so will stick with it.

  2. We are liking it. The only thing that I'm finding this year (only 3 weeks into our year) is it takes some time to do all the activities and such. I plan to go on with American Story 2 next year, but we'll see. We have done Animal Worlds and their preschool programs, which we loved. I'm finding it challenging to get stuff done with all 3 children, and our young 3yo will often get left out in a day, much to my dismay. Thanks for commenting!