Sunday, October 17, 2010

Owl Pellet Dissection

For our Sonlight Science, there were owls in our animal books, so we ordered owl pellets from OBD.  We used the lapbook components from Lapbook Lessons.  If the real thing grosses you out as much as it did me, you can virtually dissect an owl pellet here!  Here are some highlights of the actual dissection.  I was such a wreck during this even though the pellets are evidently sterilized, we moved our little project outside.  ;)

Dreamer was in heaven.  She loved this, and didn't mind the grossness of the whole thing, unlike her sister and I!

She looks so disgusted in this picture!  I was too!

Have fun!


1 comment:

  1. LOL! My older dd would probably hide during that lesson. I really should do that in the next year or so. I did it with my oldest child years ago. Good job for being brave in the name of learning.