Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hopi Native Americans

I am hoping to spark some creativity in anyone who reads this for things to put in notebooks.  I hope it helps!  The girls really got into sketching the Southwest US.  We read If You Lived With the Hopi Indians over several weeks.  I couldn't find many printables on this people group, so I made a few.

We used Google Images to find these images in Farmer vs Hunter minibook.  The How to Make a Zuni Pot is from Easy Make and Learn Projects: Southwest Indians.

The first sketch is mine ;), and the second is Dreamer's.  Can you see one of the reasons of why we call her Dreamer?

The next 2 are Coco's sketches of the Southwestern Desert and the Southwest Native Americans.

I love how the kids are playing tag and how their arms are outstretched, reaching.  She pays attention to those details evidently! :)


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