Saturday, March 5, 2011

Johnny Cakes

We're onto the Pioneers now!  There was so much information about the Colonials and the Revolutionary War that most of our time was spent there, and I'm ready to get on to the Pioneers.  We read Little House on the Prairie, which we loved.  There were some strange ways to relate this in there like repeatedly saying "fat woman" to describe the neighbor lady.  Dreamer (6) was disturbed by this and finally asked me to stop saying fat.  She's attuned to feelings being hurt.  Anyhow, the whole series is worthy of purchase.  Check it out!

To kick off the new unit, we made some Johnnycakes.  This recipe was particularly good.  Plain, but good.  It's amazing that these people ate this sort of thing day in and day out.

Recipe for Johnnycakes taken from Pioneer Days.

1 c cornmeal
1 t salt
1 T butter
1 T sugar
1 c water
1/2 c milk
vegetable oil
syrup (optional)

Place the cornmeal, salt, butter, and sugar in a mixing bowl.
Boil water in covered pan and pour into bowl.
Add the milk to the bowl. Mix thoroughly with a spoon.
Cover pan with light coat of oil and heat pan, reduce heat to medium.
Drop batter by spoonfuls, cook like a pancake.

Serve with syrup or plain!  They're pretty good!


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