Monday, April 11, 2011

Color Matching Game

This game is easy to make and helps with color recognition and fine motor skills.  I noticed our daughter's (4) fine motor skills aren't as advanced as our older girls, although her gross motor skills are phenomenal.  So to get those little hands stronger, I've been focusing on fine motor skills.  Over the next few weeks I'm going to introduce some of these skills as games, getting her ready for Handwriting Without Tears PreK workbook and instructor's guide.

List of Fine Motor Skills Activities:

  • Have her peel stickers off sticker page and place on a sheet of paper.  Then color/decorate the page.

  • Color with chalk on sidewalk, trying to keep chalk held in O position.

  • Puzzles.

  • MagnaDoodle.

  • Playdough; flattening, rolling out, cutting shapes.

  • Tear newspaper going with the grain.

  • Spray plants with water sprayer.

  • Sort coins and buttons.

  • Finger puppet poems using hand motions.

Here is the first installment!

Purchase multi-colored pack of foam and multi-colored large paperclips.

Cut in strips 2 inches long and 4-5 inches long.  Then attach 3 together with brad fastener.

Child can then attach the correct color of paperclip to the foam strips!

Another idea would be to introduce color words.  Write the color names on a 3 x 5 index card in the same color.  Tracing your finger from left to right under the color word, say the color out loud while child is watching and listening.  Then have child repeat back the color.  This will help with pre-reading skills of left-to-right and recognizing that the letters mean something.


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