Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fine Motor Practice with Nuts and Bolts

For a dollar a pound at your local home improvement center, nuts, bolts, and washers can become a great practice to strengthen those little hands.  Strengthening will help with writing skills!  These can be used for sorting by size, sorting by shape (nut, bolt, washer), and they can also be used to match which bolt goes with which nut, then screwed on.  After we're done and they've outgrown the activity, I'll put them in DH's toolbox to maybe use later.  He seems to like to have a lot of extra nuts and bolts laying around.  :)

Beeps sorting bolts by length

Beeps manipulating bolt and nut



  1. That's a clever idea! That never crossed my mind when my girls were younger to do that. Hopefully all those nuts & bolts can be used for lovely craft later.

    Homeschooling my girls in New Mexico since they were born.

  2. This is a great idea and activity! I will keep in mind for my little ones! Thanks for sharing on NOBH! :)