Saturday, April 9, 2011

Northwest Native Americans

Out of all the Native American regional groups, I have found the Northwest to be the most interesting and amazing.  Maybe it's because they were so different than the tribes east of the Rockies.  They were more wealthy than the other groups, their foods were very much different than the others (fish oil, salmon, blubber), the interesting tidbits such as using the oily candlefish for actual candles, and the totem poles!  Fascinating.  I would love to visit this area some time.

We read If You Lived With the Indians of the Northwest Coast.  This book is packed with interesting tidbits, and it has sparked my own imagination to delve deeper.

Anyhow, the girls loved sketching this Native American group.  From totem poles to flaming candlefish, they spent an hour or more a week drawing.

I have made many printables to go along with this unit.  I will put the link to download for free above each photo, and any stragglers at the end.  I hope this gives you inspiration for your own notebooking pages!  We love to use lapbook components in our notebook, as the thought of a whole lapbook sometimes overwhelms me.

If you just want the printables sans all my comments and photos, go to Homeschool Freebies along the top of this page, then scroll for Northwest Native American stuff.

These sketches are Coco's, age 8.

The red notebook page is just construction paper, and we mounted pictures of what the Northwest Native Americans ate most of the time, salmon, fish eggs, fish oil, berries, and seaweed.

The second notebooking page is related to head shaping and molding that a few tribes in Northwest America did.  Download free here!

NW Native American head shaping notebook pg

I'll speak of the boys and girls jobs first.  These are just simple folds, and we wrote what the children's work was found in If You Lived With the Indians of the Northwest Coast.

The Cedar Houses minibook is a little more complicated, so this photo and the next 2 describe it.

This is inside the Cedar Houses flap book.  There are 3 flaps to open, revealing totem poles and cedar houses from the NW coast.

This is a photo of under each flap, identifying some things about the NW Native American cedar houses, including drying fish hanging from the rafters, candlefish, and totem poles.  You can see a bit of the picture revealed under the flaps.  I love this minibook!  Download free here!

Cedar Homes mini book with inside flaps

Dog Wool This was so interesting to me.  They raised these wooly dogs to make clothing.

Winter Stories

Summer Homes Inside the "Summer Homes" component is a tab book for moving to the woods, hunting and gathering, and fishing, which they did all this in the summer.

Most Important Day of the Year This is the inside of this component.  Unfortunately, I accidentally printed it in grayscale, but the printable is actually colored.  Check it out!

Dugout Canoe

For the Using Cedar graduated book I found pictures of each category on Google.  I didn't share it, as I just Googled the images, and I didn't know which were copyrighted pictures or not.

Overall, we had a blast with these materials!  Please feel free to comment on any more ideas!


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