Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pioneer Dried Apples

I've considered drying green beans or drying strawberry puree, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around leaving a layer of crushed strawberries on my counter for 5 days and then eating it.  The green beans weren't much better, as after cooking them as recommended in a book we read with salt, we were supposed to hang them and let them drip all over the place!  Ah!  The conveniences of our time!

So, we used our oven at the lowest setting to do some apple slices and some grapes.  That didn't freak me out as much!  ;)  The dried apples were so yummy, that we're going to try again, this time by cutting the apples into rings.  This is about the easiest thing you could do for a project on Early America.

Dried Apples

Cut apples in eighths (we tried smaller, and it would be better thicker) or core the apple and cut into rings.  Put into 170-degree oven for 3-6 hours.  After 3, then hourly, squeeze the apples.  If your fingers are moist, continue baking.

We used the same process for raisins.  I didn't like the raisins, but DH and the girls did.  These were delicious, and very healthy.  It's nice to have a quick snack too.


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