Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pioneer Unit

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Pioneer studies.  I had grand plans of making butter, cheese, and candles, but they were waylaid.  Maybe the next time through this period we'll do those.  We have used a variety of resources including the following, which were the spines for the pioneer times.

The Pioneer Sampler
Pioneer Days

Some of these printables came from my Homeschool Freebies page that runs along the top of this page.  Just look under American History/Pioneers.  Most of them go with Little House on the Prairie.  The quilt patch is from Homeschool Share; scroll down to "quilt patch simple fold."  The rest I made up, but didn't share, as it was just a bunch of Google images on things Pa brought home when he went to the store on the prairie.

This whole lapbook (which we converted to our notebook) is on Homeschool Share.  The girls loved this section!

All of these are Lapbook Lessons.  The printed photos of things I Googled.  I wanted the girls to see food preservation in action, not just me trying to explain it.  It included drying food items and canning them.

You can see this a little closer here.

We hope to make another journey to our living pioneer farm soon.  It's called The Homeplace.  Last year my camera died on me, so I'm hoping to get more photos this year.



  1. What my 'plans' are and what reality ends up to be oftentimes differ. But I'm always amazed at how much the children learn in a home environment.

    We made butter when we studied the pilgrims, so there will definitely be more opportunities to get some of that in later! :)

  2. Wow...I really like that lapbook! We do the same thing and turn them into notebooks or books. We will have to download that for next year

    Visiting from blog hop.