Saturday, May 14, 2011

Early American History Booklist K-4

We have personally read these, and find them good for the age group of 1st through 3rd grades at least, and many will be good for older.  We didn't just come up with a list of random books.  These are only the ones that we enjoyed.  Some we enjoyed less, and I hope the review after each book helps you to choose more accurately.  These are mostly visual books to bring the eras to life, although there are some read alouds.

There are so many good Read Aloud selections to choose from, so I haven't included many from Sonlight, as their list is so good already.  There are a couple here that are on their lists, though.  ;)  Let me know if the list is hard to read or navigate or if you have a wonderful book that I could add.

You can find the printable PDF list here!

Book Key:
Picture Book - PB
Read Aloud Fiction - RA
Activity Book - AB

The list is divided into these categories:

  • Native Americans

  • Explorers

  • Pilgrims and Colonials

  • American Revolution

  • Lewis and Clark

  • Pioneers and Expansion West



  1. Great list!! We've enjoyed most of the those.

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    It's free. I joined because I wanted to use the widgets. I didn't realize at first that I'd be making money off it if people clicked on one of my links and bought anything. LOL I'm slow like that. I don't have a huge blog so it takes forever for me to earn anything. They won't "pay" you until you reach $10 but I get one of two amazon $10 cards a year. (I chose to get paid in GC to support my curriculum habit.)

  2. Thanks for the reply! Now if I can master widgets. :)