Friday, July 1, 2011

Coil Pots Made From Clay

Sonlight Core B - Week 2

This is the kick-off of our new year!  To make things easier to navigate here, if you are interested in a week-by-week for either Sonlight Core B (Early Elementary Ancient History) or Story of the World Volume 1, click on that category, and at the beginning of each post will mention which week it is.  Most will say both.  I will try to make this easier to find, but need to tweak.  Any ideas are appreciated on ease of navigation!

Since we don't start SOTW until about week 7 of SL Core B, it will be all SL for a while.  I hope you find inspiration and ideas here!

For week 2 of SL, after reading about different crafts of people around the world, we made clay coil pots.  The idea came from Handle on the Arts (HOTA).  I used some real clay I purchased from Rainbow Resource for our art this year.  We had never worked with it before, and it gave me the heebie-jeebies!  ;)  It was silt-y and strangely dry.  The girls had fun getting messy and had a blast making these for some hands-on Sonlight!

Make sure to put down wax paper for easy cleanup.

Coil pots made from clay.

Coco molding her pot


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