Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We read a marvelous story for our farm unit called Cook-A-Doodle-Doo by Janet Stevens.  This story is a kick-off from The Little Red Hen fairy tale story when the hen does all the work, and everyone else doesn't get to eat then.

This story is about her grandson, a rooster.  The dog, cat, and goose don't help make strawberry shortcake, but an iguana, pot-bellied pig, and a turtle DO want to help.  The fun comes out when iguana looks for teaspoons in the teapot and tablespoons under the table.  The pot-bellied pig wants to taste every time a new ingredient is added.  Rooster clamorously shouts "No, no, no!" every time iguana misunderstands the directions.

The story made us laugh all the way through, and since there is a recipe for strawberry shortcake in the back of the book, the girls talked me into making it.  I headed to the store for strawberries and low-fat whipped cream in a can, and we had a delicious dessert!

Have fun!

Yummy! Let's dig in!


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