Thursday, July 7, 2011

Creative Ways to Practice Math Facts

Flashcards can be effective, but let's admit it, they're not much fun.  There are fun ways to incorporate into your homeschool the mundane task of learning math facts.  Let's start with addition and subtraction.

  • Egg carton toss. Save an egg carton, preferably 18-count size.  It can be styrofoam or the pressed paper kind.  Grab a Sharpie marker and write numbers 1-9 two times.  If you have a 12-count size carton, put numbers you know your child needs to practice.  Find 2 pebbles, 2 buttons, or 2 of anything small and smooth.  Put them in the container, shake, and add or subtract where they land!

  • Dice facts.  You will need at least 2 die for this game.  I purchased some special dice from a school store that had the numbers up to 9 and higher, and those work well.  Just toss them and then add, subtract, or multiply!

  • Egg hunt facts.  I had some leftover plastic Easter eggs and decided to do some math facts.  Write numbers 1-9 or whatever you want to practice with a Sharpie inside the egg or on a slip of paper placed inside the egg.  You can either hide the eggs and have the children find them or put them in a basket and have them choose 2 at random.  Add, subtract, or multiply the numbers inside the eggs.

  • Card games. The sky is the limit with card games and math facts!  We like to divide a deck of cards minus the royals equally among players.  Each player sets a card down, and the player with the highest card gets to add them all together.  Adjusting card games can become a family effort!  See who can think up the most fun game for math facts.

Do you have any more ideas on practicing math facts?  Please share below!


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