Friday, July 8, 2011

Cultural Dances

Sonlight Core B - Week 3

Dreamer's intricate dragon puppet
We decided to try the Chinese Dragon Puppet from Handle on the Arts Core B supplement.  We used the template from HOTA, colored it, them embellished with buttons, feathers, ribbon, and jewels.  They turned out really fun, and the videos below inspired the girls to use their dragon puppets in cultural dance.  Here are the highlights.

Check out these videos to go along with week 3 of SL Core B.  There are some to go with the Chinese Dragon, but also highlights of other folk dances mentioned in Peoples of the World.

Awesome Chinese Dragon Contest

Chinese Dragon

Maori Poi Ball Dance

Russian Folk Dancing



  1. i had poi balls at my house. not sure where they are. they got lost. but they were fun to play with.

  2. It was really fun to watch the women fling these things around. Beeps was convinced they were going to hit each other; she was very concerned. LOL!