Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sheep Wool and Rhymes

Let's Explore the World - Week 6

Along with working on rhyming this week and reading lots of mother goose rhymes, we read books on sheep, made a sheep craft, and worked on some new puzzles we got.  We also did some fingerpainting, which is always a blast for a preschooler!  I used a fingerpainting pad instead of regular paper, as it is shiny and smooth, so the paint glides over the surface with ease.

Check out our last week!


Sheep Craft


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Freestyle Notebooking

During our study of Ancient Egypt this week, I forgot to print off some notebook pages that I get at Notebooking Pages.com.  As I went to print them, I realized there was something wrong with my printer and I couldn't get the pages I wanted right away.

We were studying the merging of Upper and Lower Egypt through Narmer, and I wanted the girls to copy their narrations soon so they wouldn't forget.  What to do?  What to do?  If I have them copy right away, it wouldn't be on their notebooking page.

I decided to have them copy their narration on plain wide-ruled paper, cut it out, paste it on a plain white piece of paper and draw or glue Ancient Egypt-related clip art found free all over the place!  Here are the pages created solely by themselves, and I am very pleased.  I know I'm not reinventing the wheel here, but it was the first time I decided to "take a risk" and wing it. :)

A child's creativity can really shine in an assignment like this, don't you think?

This first one is Dreamer's (7).  She colored in her text, which I asked her not to, but she forgot I guess.  ;)  I normally ask them not to color over their narration/copywork text, but it's still beautiful if you ask me!

Freestyle Egyptian notebook page

Coco's (8) Egyptian freestyle notebook page
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="461" caption="Coco's (8) Egyptian freestyle notebook page"]

What things have you done in a "freestyle" type of notebooking creation?  Please let me know!  I'm always looking for good ideas.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Ancient Mesopotamia

Sonlight Core B - Week 8 and SOTW Chapter 1

I didn't use any of the SOTW activities this week except a coloring page and map, but we still did a lot!  I'll start with notebooking, then move to the projects we did.


I got the images in Mesopotamian Art by Google Images.

"Mesopotamian Art" and "From Nomad to Farmer"

Sumerian Coloring Page

Sumerian Coloring page and notebooking components I made

Story of the World mapping and coloring

This page was used from the Ancient Bundle from Notebooking Pages.com.  We added in a 3D component, and the girls drew some things we have learned this week, cuneiform and some foods the Sumerians ate.  The Sumerians minibook I got from Lilliput Station.

Notebooking Pages.com notebooking (for sale)

The next 2 photos show the outside and insides of a component from the SOTW lapbook (What Nomads Ate) and a printable I made (Ancient v Modern Mesopotamian City).

SOTW lapbook

Ancient/Modern Mesopotamian City and What Nomads Ate (outside)

Ancient/Modern Mesopotamian City and What Nomads Ate (inside)

I got this notebook page free from Lilliput Station.  We included a photo of Dreamer's picture of her holding her cuneiform tablet to fit in the square.

Cuneiform/Sumerian notebook page


Sumerian Cuneiform

Dreamer's Tower of Babel (7)

Coco's Tower of Babel (8)

For a recipe this week, we made Mesopotamian Sebetu Rolls.  It is essentially a biscuit with pressed garlic and pressed scallions (just the white part).  They were delicious, and we are going to make them again when we get to the Assyrians and have a royal feast!

Sebetu Rolls

We took some white Sculpey clay and made "mud" bricks, then put them together to make a Mesopotamian home.  It was kinda cute.  I thought about making real mud bricks, but we did so much already, and I was burned out on projects.

Mesopotamian mud brick home

Daddy helped the girls make a Sumerian seal.  The second video below shows a real seal.  They were tiny, smaller than a thimble, and the people would roll them across the clay documents to sign them.  We just pressed our toilet paper seals on Play-Doh, as it is soft.

Sumerian seal a la kids



Mesopotamian Transportation

Interactive Mesopotamian Story

Be a Mesopotamian Farmer!

Write Like a Babylonian


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sand Drawing and Bas Relief

In Artistic Pursuits, we tried our hand at bas relief, used often in ancient times (which we are studying).  Here's how they turned out!  We used art clay (is that what it's called?) and painted with acrylics after drying.  I am going to include a photo of these in their notebooks in Ancient Mesopotamia.

Bas Relief by Dreamer (7)

Bas relief of horse by Coco (8)

For our preschool art this week, we did a sand drawing.  We first drew a simple-lined picture and then traced with white glue.  Sprinkle sand and shake off excess, and that's it.

Sand glue drawing


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mr. Popper's Penguins Notebook and Games

What a fabulous book!  This book absolutely enthralled the girls, and they cajoled me every time we read it to read more and more.  This is a definite keeper and not-to-be-missed book for all children in my opinion.  Check it out!

I have compiled a few resources from the Internet.  We've got some penguin studies going (of course!) and some online games and videos or movie suggestions.

We used the lapbook components from Homeschool Share for Mr. Popper's Penguins lapbook.  Here is how we used them in our notebook.  I am also going to add a thumbnail picture of the book to jog the girls' memory as they look through their notebooks on what books we've read.  The penguin coloring page you can find at National Geographic.

Mr. Popper's Penguin notebook pages

Here is a coloring pg & a contraction wksht with penguin deco

National Geographic Emperor Penguin Creature Feature

Monterey Bay Aquarium penguin movie

March of the Penguins games!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cows! Milk! Cheese! Ice Cream!

Lets Explore the World - Week 5

This week took us longer, as Beeps (4) joined us in our study of archeology.  She is moving along in her Singapore math workbook and Handwriting Without Tears, but our farm study has been waylaid a bit.  No matter!  On we go!

This week we simply read books about cows, including milk production, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.  Take a look above at some of the books we read from our library.

Beeps had a great time making Mat Man from HWT, and we did a pre Mat Man drawing and a post Mat Man drawing, and there was a definite improvement.  I heartily recommend Handwriting Without Tears PreK curriculum for your preschoolers!

Check out these videos on how to milk a cow, make cheese, and make ice cream!  Try some out if you want.

On to the pics!  Here is a highlight of our couple of weeks with cows and some other PK things we did.  :)

Mat Man drawing (4)


Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Is History?

Sonlight Core B - Week 7 and SOTW Introduction

For the first part of this post, I will summarize our week in Sonlight (SL) Core B.  Scroll down to find a summary of Story of the World (SOTW1) Introduction.  Even without doing SOTW alongside Core B, these are excellent hands-on activities for Core B.

We had an extremely full week.  Please note that we actually do projects on the weekend, which frees up our weekdays for the basics of math and LA and reading history.


We added in some prehistoric items this week.  From things that may have been gathered by prehistoric people like nuts, honey, blueberries, raspberries, plums, and walnuts.  You could use any fruit and berries you like.  I put all the fruit in a medium saucepan with 6-8 tablespoons of honey and just simmered until it had a syrup-like quality.

Ingredients for fruit compote, things that may have been gathered by prehistoric people.

Fruit Compote, delicious on ice cream (though ice cream not from time period!)

We also made a tooth, bone, and stone necklace.  First we formed the pieces out of air-dry clay.  Then I had the girls paint them in colors they may have found in nature.  Then we strung them on a necklace!  They loved it!  Be careful to make the holes before letting dry, and put them closer to the middle of the clay item instead near the end, otherwise they break more easily.

Clay bones and stones

Tooth and bone necklace

We are using History Pockets Ancient Civilizations for grades 1-3.  I adapted some of the things for this fold-out notebook page.

History Pockets Ancient Civilization Map

This next photo features another page from History Pockets and the pocket on the right is from the Story of the World lapbook.  The girls love manipulating things in their notebooks, and this is perfect!

What is history? and Words to Know

Archeologists Dig for Clues notebook page


Add caption

Archeological Dig

I decided to go all out these past few weeks and put together an archeological dig.  After saving chicken bones, collecting beans and bits of fabric, and painting and breaking an inexpensive clay pot, oh and finally getting some clean sand to dig in, I am ready to move on to something else!  Here are some highlights of our archeological dig in our turtle sandbox!  ;)

Archeological Dig

Bone unearthed in archeological dig

Shard of pottery found

Extras!  Extras!

Check out these Archeology Printables from Practical Pages.  Thanks Nadene!

I can't link directly to the archeology printables from this site, but you can download the whole SOTW lapbook from The Chronicle of the Earth, a wonderfully helpful blog.  We used the Introduction printables this week.

A notebook page I made for From Akebu to Zapotec can be found here for the Elkei.

I also made a notebook page for Archeologists Dig For Clues that you can find here!

Reassemble Clay Pot

Be a Dirt Detective!