Friday, August 26, 2011

Ancient Mesopotamia

Sonlight Core B - Week 8 and SOTW Chapter 1

I didn't use any of the SOTW activities this week except a coloring page and map, but we still did a lot!  I'll start with notebooking, then move to the projects we did.


I got the images in Mesopotamian Art by Google Images.

"Mesopotamian Art" and "From Nomad to Farmer"

Sumerian Coloring Page

Sumerian Coloring page and notebooking components I made

Story of the World mapping and coloring

This page was used from the Ancient Bundle from Notebooking  We added in a 3D component, and the girls drew some things we have learned this week, cuneiform and some foods the Sumerians ate.  The Sumerians minibook I got from Lilliput Station.

Notebooking notebooking (for sale)

The next 2 photos show the outside and insides of a component from the SOTW lapbook (What Nomads Ate) and a printable I made (Ancient v Modern Mesopotamian City).

SOTW lapbook

Ancient/Modern Mesopotamian City and What Nomads Ate (outside)

Ancient/Modern Mesopotamian City and What Nomads Ate (inside)

I got this notebook page free from Lilliput Station.  We included a photo of Dreamer's picture of her holding her cuneiform tablet to fit in the square.

Cuneiform/Sumerian notebook page


Sumerian Cuneiform

Dreamer's Tower of Babel (7)

Coco's Tower of Babel (8)

For a recipe this week, we made Mesopotamian Sebetu Rolls.  It is essentially a biscuit with pressed garlic and pressed scallions (just the white part).  They were delicious, and we are going to make them again when we get to the Assyrians and have a royal feast!

Sebetu Rolls

We took some white Sculpey clay and made "mud" bricks, then put them together to make a Mesopotamian home.  It was kinda cute.  I thought about making real mud bricks, but we did so much already, and I was burned out on projects.

Mesopotamian mud brick home

Daddy helped the girls make a Sumerian seal.  The second video below shows a real seal.  They were tiny, smaller than a thimble, and the people would roll them across the clay documents to sign them.  We just pressed our toilet paper seals on Play-Doh, as it is soft.

Sumerian seal a la kids



Mesopotamian Transportation

Interactive Mesopotamian Story

Be a Mesopotamian Farmer!

Write Like a Babylonian


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  1. Great job on all the artwork! My 10yo daughter was just here as I was reading your post, and she was very impressed by the Sumerian seals and asked if we could make some too!