Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chalk Pastels and Photo Art

We have been using Artistic Pursuits Book 1 for our 2nd and 3rd graders and Preschool Art for our PK'er, but all of the girls do both and continually ask for more art projects, lessons, or art study.  We do our art projects on the weekend when we have no other school subjects to complete.  It is so much easier to squeeze in art this way.  Unfortunately, sometimes it gets pushed out of our schedule if we're really busy on Saturday and Sunday.

These photos are a mix from both programs.

This set is Coco's, age 8.  In Artistic Pursuits, we looked at a photograph we took (baby robins) and drew first and then colored with watercolor crayons and blended with a brush.  Notice how the photo is cropped, some of the sides are cut off.

The bottom was from Preschool Art.  We sprayed the paper first with water lightly, and then drew with pastel chalks.  I had never worked with this media before, and it was fascinating, how bold they were.  Loved it!

Next is Dreamer's, age 6.  The top is inspired by The Smurfs!  Those little things on top are mushroom houses.  Then she decided to show some layers of the earth, as we've been talking about in science.  Great cross-over project!

The bottom painting is her photo.  The horse is cut off like a photo might be, and she changed it to be her own creation.  Love this one!

Top-Wet Chalk, Pastel Chalk. Bottom-Photo Art

Last, but she lets us know she's not the least ;) is Beeps, age 4.  As evidenced by the holes in this next one, you have to be careful with the pastels on the water-misted paper!  LOL.

Beeps - 4




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