Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let's Explore the World Week 4

We're chugging along through our farm unit.  On to horses!  Horses are my favorite animals, and we had horses while I was growing up, but had to sell them after we moved into the city.

Here are some highlights of books we read this week.  Some are horse books, some are just great farm books.

In Sing, Play, Create! we draw simple animal figures to help with fine motor coordination.  Beeps' is still developing, but it's coming along!  Sorry it's so blurry!

Simple Horse drawing of Beeps (4)

We made a riding horse for a craft this week, then we played a game of barrel racing out in the yard!

Horseriding in the house!

For science this week for our preschooler, DH made a Garbage Viewer.  I'll make this post a little less nasty by just showing the before picture and keeping the decomposition to ourselves!  :)  It swelled up so much, I feared it would burst and crack!  Neat . . . sort of!

Garbage Viewer (outside!)

Close-up; Yuck!

For reading readiness skills, Beeps dictated a story to me, and I transcribed it for her in a little book we made out of a sheet of paper.  I drew some pictures for her to color.  This helps for her to understand that the words I write are information that is useful, getting her ready for reading.    I was going to take a pic, but she has it hidden somewhere.  She hides things so her big sisters don't snag them!



  1. The horse art is definitely a keeper. How sweet! The garbage viewer project looks like something my older kids would enjoy. Maybe you could post about how you did it? That riding horse craft is so cute--it's giving me ideas for my Sunday School class, too. Love getting inspired reading about other people's homeschools.

  2. Thanks Gin! It's still "simmering" in the 100-degree weather outside. I can elaborate more; that's a great idea. DH actually did this project with them, but it's simple enough. I do a Sunday School class also.