Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mr. Popper's Penguins Notebook and Games

What a fabulous book!  This book absolutely enthralled the girls, and they cajoled me every time we read it to read more and more.  This is a definite keeper and not-to-be-missed book for all children in my opinion.  Check it out!

I have compiled a few resources from the Internet.  We've got some penguin studies going (of course!) and some online games and videos or movie suggestions.

We used the lapbook components from Homeschool Share for Mr. Popper's Penguins lapbook.  Here is how we used them in our notebook.  I am also going to add a thumbnail picture of the book to jog the girls' memory as they look through their notebooks on what books we've read.  The penguin coloring page you can find at National Geographic.

Mr. Popper's Penguin notebook pages

Here is a coloring pg & a contraction wksht with penguin deco

National Geographic Emperor Penguin Creature Feature

Monterey Bay Aquarium penguin movie

March of the Penguins games!



  1. This IS a great book! I am going to bookmark this page for when we study Antarctica. :-)

  2. I've very glad you can use it! We had a great time with it all.

  3. Julie, I appreciate all your free printables and notebooking posts. Would you like to be featured over at The Notebooking Fairy in a Spotlight post?
    I think my readers would really benefit from it. I have a questionnaire I can email you. Please say yes. :-)

  4. I am honored Jimmie, and I would love to!