Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sheep Wool and Rhymes

Let's Explore the World - Week 6

Along with working on rhyming this week and reading lots of mother goose rhymes, we read books on sheep, made a sheep craft, and worked on some new puzzles we got.  We also did some fingerpainting, which is always a blast for a preschooler!  I used a fingerpainting pad instead of regular paper, as it is shiny and smooth, so the paint glides over the surface with ease.

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Sheep Craft



  1. Hi Julie - I found you on the Winter's Promise bulletin board. I wanted to ask you a question about whether you've used the Journeys of Imagination program. I planned on it until I found your Lets Explore the World unit. I love this but want to know If it would be worth doing this and the JOI. Thanks! I'm having trouble signing in on the bulletin board and didn't know how else how to contact you.

  2. Hello! I have used the Jouneys of Imagination, but an older version about 4 years ago. My schedule available here uses some of the old WinterPromise books, but I scheduled them differently in a way that made more sense to me. I kept the same Sing, Play, and Create book and I did it in the general order of WP, farm in the fall, zoo, pond, then garden in spring (wanted to go to farms in the fall and gardening in the spring of course), so the JOI I think will follow along with it. I am not doing it again this year, as I like just getting books at the library for the theme (frogs, cows, butterflies etc.) The JOI sometimes didn't match up, which was okay, but not worth going through again. Also, Farmer Boy and some of the other read alouds they have didn't match my DD4, as her attention span isn't that long yet. I hope that helps. Please ask more questions if you have them! :)