Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sonlight® Notebooking Ideas and More Cultures

Sonlight® Core B - Week 6

This next photo shows some ideas on how to notebook for Sonlight®.  The page on the right is a page I made.  The link is following. The girls drew their favorite house we studied in the past few weeks on the page on the right.  The photos on the left are cultural crafts we have done that we've thrown away, but have documented with photos.  We didn't have any crafts this week either.

Since we are kicking off next week with the Introduction in Story of the World and prehistory and history, this week we studied cave art from Artistic Pursuits.  We took our crinkled brown paper bag, pencils, and a flashlight and went into our windowless bathroom to simulate a cave.  The girls really enjoyed this, although it was hard to see their papers with only one flashlight!  After drawing, we used soft pastel chalks in natural tones to color horses, bulls, hogs, etc.  Here's one of the finished products!

Cave Art Replica

Here are a few cultural videos to flesh out Houses and Homes in the Sonlight® curriculum.

To go along with the Mother Goose rhyme for the week. . .


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