Sunday, September 4, 2011

Egyptian Murals

We decided to try our hand at an Egyptian mural from Artistic Pursuits Book 1.  The Ancient Egyptians actually created a grid and then drew, but we just drew instead.  We used oil pastels to color it in.  We focused on a farming scene, making sure all the people's faces were profile instead of straight on (as in Ancient Egyptian art).

I normally always draw along with the girls, and while I don't consider myself an artist at all, sometimes I do things they didn't think of and they often copy me.  I noticed this mostly with drawing.  They would always draw bold, dark lines with definite edges to everything.  I started drawing with them, making more of a feather-type movement instead of straight dark lines.  Their finished products looked a lot more real.

Here is what we ended up with!  :)

Dreamer's Egyptian mural (7)

Coco's Egyptian mural (8)

My Egyptian mural (aka Mama)


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