Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Notebooking Extravaganza!

I wanted to share a post compiling some of our recent notebooking we have done.  You could look through all the week by week breakdown, but for those that aren't interested in activities and such, and only notebooking, I want to show you some samples of what we've been doing.  I'll let the photos tell the story.

Here are different ways to utilize many free resources from lapbook components, notebooking pages, repurposing free printables by cutting and pasting, coloring pages, mapwork, and more!

Reworking printables into a fold-out notebooking page

Using photos of projects and other non-filing items

Lapbook components converted to notebook and premade notebooking pages

A lapbook component related to mapwork

Drawings and homemade notebook pages

Coloring pages used as notebooking pages and/or pockets to put manipulative items in



  1. Your notebooks look really great!

  2. Nice work. I miss the good old days of notebooks and crayons with lessons.

  3. I really love seeing how much heart they put into their stuff. I hope their excitement for creating like this doesn't diminish too soon!