Monday, October 3, 2011

PK and K Monster Munch!

This week we made a Monster Muncher!  Get a large cereal box, tape desired color construction paper on sides and front.  Next, take a box cutter and cut a large mouth opening, add eyes and whatever you like.  Then cut 4 x 6 index cards in half and write A through Z, one to each card.  You can also cut 26 more and make the lower case a through z.  We are practicing upper case now.

To play, place a card inside his mouth and have monster say "I want a b-b-banana!"  Go around the house finding items that begin with B or whatever letter you choose!  Our preschooler had a blast with this, and I think as we go through the letter of the week, we'll find things around the house with this fun game.  It's easy to store with your other cereal boxes until you need it again!

Monster Muncher with letter card


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