Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ancient Greek Walls

I loved the results of this week's art project.  Since we are studying Ancient Greece, we did a project from Artistic Pursuits.  The palace walls of ancient Greek structures were often painted with fresco.  They would paint on the plaster before it dried.

Well, we didn't paint on fresco, but we did some artwork that resembles what they would paint all over.  It is quite distressing to me to think of walls covered in paintings, right on the walls, as I like muted generic colors and not messy, but I love the results of these paintings, and if I were brave (which I'm not) and had a "let's let it loose" gene, my walls could be covered with these paintings.  :)

We used oil crayons and water color crayons for these.  First we made an outline of the animals or whatever it is you are drawing, the framework including all the details within.  Next, we colored with watercolor crayons and painted with waters, making sure not to mix.  The oil crayons resist the water and you end up with a detailed picture.

I hope you like them as much as we did!

Coco's (8) Greek Palace Wall art using oil crayons and watercolor crayons, reminiscent of the Minoan bull jumpers.

Dreamer's (7) Greek Palace Wall art, goats. Notice the frame of the art too, which many Greek art pieces display.


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