Friday, November 4, 2011

Moses and the Exodus

Sonlight Week 16 and SOTW Chapter 14

For those looking for Sonlight Week 15, we didn't add much of anything, so I have no post for that week.  Our last week of Ancient Egypt!  Party-time!  We really loved studying Egypt, but enough is enough.  On to Ancient Greece next week; it's about time. Since we were getting burned out on Egypt, but still had a week left in our Sonlight curriculum, I decided to focus on Moses and the Exodus, and SOTW Chapter 14 goes along great.  Check out our week!  I made some notebooking pages, so be sure to look at those freebies if you want.  We added some great books from our library too.


Locust and frog drawings

This is a page I made for Moses and the Exodus; free below!

These are from SOTW and SOTW lapbook; see links below for SOTW lapbook

Extras!  Extras!

SOTW1 lapbook  This link is dead.  Google Story of the World lapbook, and you should get some good results.

Explore BM&AG Ancient Egypt

BBC Pyramid Challenge


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