Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Parthenon Replica

The Parthenon replica in Nashville
What a wonderful field trip we had today.  After battling car sickness, we finally made it to the Parthenon replica in Nashville, Tennessee.  We are in the middle of our Ancient Greece studies, and this was pretty much the highlight of it all.  I didn't realize how big these columns actually were.  The girls were delighted to see the columns of the Parthenon were Doric columns.

Inside is an art gallery (not Greek) and upstairs is a giant statue of Athena, gold and gaudy.  There are also many, many casts of ancient Greek statues, friezes, and more columns.  It was absolutely fascinating!  I hope the pictures will help you see it better in your mind's eye, and I think our photos would be excellent to show your children studying ancient history.

Close-up of outer door of Parthenon

Walking through columns on the outside

The enormous, somewhat ugly, gaudy statue of Athena! It was pretty interesting.

Detail of Athena's shield

Girls with statue (what is this called? griffin?) and frieze in the background. This frieze helps us to see the details of what is on the outside of the Parthenon.

Girls posing in front of big door.


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