Friday, January 20, 2012

Glassblowing and Phoenicians

Sonlight Week 21 and SOTW Chapter 17

We didn't add anything to week 20 of Sonlight Core B, so I skipped it here.  This week for the Phoenicians, we did a bit more, especially notebooking, so I'll highlight it here.   I just haven't been motivated to get into activities lately.  Winter blues maybe?  I wanted to get to some dying pasta with purple onion skins since the coast-dwelling Phoenicians had access to the snails that dyed the rich people's clothes, but never got to it.  Oh well, maybe next time we come through the girls will want to do it themselves and I don't have to do it?  ;)


Phoenician Glassblowing coloring and notebooking page; see links below.  I made the Phoenician glassblowing page

Drawing of Phoenician ship and whale

Extras! Extras!

Odyssey Online Greece (SO fun!)

Phoenicians Glassblowing notebook page


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