Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Greek Feasting and Cool Greek Art Notebooking

Sonlight Week 19 and SOTW Chapter 19

Just catching up!  Even though I'm posting this in January, we actually did this things in December before Christmas.  We always lighten up about a month before Christmas, as we're all ready for that nice 2-week long break!  Not much going on here, but I'd like to update everything.  :)


We got this Greek Art notebook page from The Notebooking Fairy; see link below


We had a Greek feast with goat cheese, feta cheese, extra-virgin olive oil for dipping some yummy chewy bread, and don't forget some artichokes and olives!

Extras! Extras!

Greek Art notebook page



  1. Very nice! I'm getting hungry looking at the bread... ;-) When we studied Greece, we had a (more modern) Greek meal as well, and I was surprised how much my kids liked it. A couple of the dishes we tried were put into our family's regular menu!

  2. Yeah! I love the artwork on the notebooking page. Fantastic job. Eating some Greek foods along with the study is a great idea too. Use all the senses, right?

  3. The girls are always asking me why the food we eat for school from different places is so better than the stuff I make for dinner all the time! I have to laugh!