Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Notebooking Pages for World History

Fall of Rome to Present notebooking pages - set of 67

I want to share my notebooking pages I made to supplement Sonlight® Core C and Story of the World (SOTW) book 2.  I am not affiliated with Sonlight® or Peacehill Press®.  Some of the pages are more for SOTW.  Also, the SOTW pages end right before the "American Revolution" page.  That's where Sonlight® takes over.

On another note, I will probably be making MORE pages for world history that cover WW1, WW2, and the Great Depression in more detail and other pages too, including American History pages in more detail.

These are very colorful, though there are a few simple black and white pages.  The girls are more engaged in notebooking if their pages are beautifully colored, so I oblige them. ;)  Please let me know with a comment either here or in Requests if there are specific pages you would like more colorful or less colorful, and I will try to make them for you!

Hope you like it!  I had to break it up as the files were too big otherwise.

Fall of Rome to Present notebooking pages for early elementary.