Tuesday, July 10, 2012

36-Week Supplement for Early Elementary Ancient History

First and foremost, the author and this supplement schedule are NOT associated with Sonlight®.  This supplement lines up with Sonlight® Core B, copyrighted year 2011.  The newest version (2012) may not line up exactly, but the ideas are all here and can be adapted.  This is not a complete curriculum, but just a supplement to any early elementary ancient history course.  I recommend using this with Sonlight® Core B.  I aligned to the best of my ability Story of the World Volume 1 by Susan Wise Bauer in this schedule, and I did use the Activity Guide, which fleshed out a lot of extra activities for our year.

I like to share my supplement schedules for those who wish to supplement Sonlight® Cores with activities, videos, recipes, and notebooking pages.  This particular supplement schedule includes a schedule of Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer.  It aligns excellently with Sonlight® Core B, 2011 or earlier versions.

I hope you enjoy this schedule, and I pray it blesses you.  Another note is that these ideas can be used for any early elementary ancient history program.  I have linked to my blog for ease for finding links and extra ideas that I have found or thought of myself.

On another note, whenever you see "C1EA" in the schedule, it stands for Core 1 Extra Activities.  Core 1 is what Core B used to be called.  All of these activities and ideas are typed out at the end of the grid schedule for your use.

The links in this schedule are unfortunately obsolete.  My previous blogging provider, HomeschoolBlogger, erased my whole blog after the site changed hands.  All of the ideas are on THIS blog as well, but the links are not updated in the schedule yet.  I will be working on this next, after some cursive and picture study pictures I'm making for the girls.  I apologize for any frustration.

Early Elementary Ancient History supplement



  1. We're just starting SL B so this is perfect timing. Thank you for sharing it free!

  2. This is an incredible resource! Thank you for sharing your hard work. We will definitely integrate it into our schedule.