Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ancient Rome: The First Christians

Sonlight Chapter 34 and SOTW Chapters 35-39



We just used pages from the Story of the World Activity Guide for these notebooking pages.

This Catacomb notebook page is from a purchased set from


Eggs with Honey
3 tbsp honey
4 eggs
1c milk
5T butter
1 tbsp olive oil
Twist of black pepper

Beat together the eggs, milk and oil. Pour a little olive oil into a frying pan and heat. When this is sizzling add the omelette mixture. Agitate with a fork until the mix starts to solidify (this will make for a lighter omelette). When thoroughly cooked on one side turn the omelette over and cook on the other side. Fold in half and turn out onto a plate.

Warm the honey and pour over the omelette. Fold this over once more and cut into thick slices. Sprinkle with black pepper and serve.

Dress up in a toga to eat your eggs!


Extras!  Extras!

Dress Gladiator to Fight




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