Friday, September 14, 2012

Types of Sentences Craft

We are doing First Language Lessons for our 3rd and 4th graders, and every once in a while there is a great craft.  This idea came from First Language Lessons 3 by Jessie Wise and Sara Buffington.  Here is an excellent example for some creative language!  We were reading about volcanoes and picking out questions, exclamations, commands, and declarative sentences.

To make this lesson more memorable, we made a volcano out of construction paper and an empty toilet paper tube.  Then we wrote sentences from our nonfiction passage, making sure to choose at least one of each type of sentence and wrote them on long strips of lava-colored construction paper.  My 9yo did this almost all by herself and had a great time pulling out each lava stream and identifying which kind of sentence it was!

This could be easily expanded to other lessons.  Get creative!  What other language art concept or nonfiction passage could something like this be used for?  I'm all ears!

Types of sentences identification after reading nonfiction passage on volcanoes.

Each lava stream coming from the top has a sentence that needs to be identified as declarative, command, question, or exclamation.


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