Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Culture Supplement Schedule

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Time to travel around the world!  I'm happy to share an updated supplement schedule to coordinate with Sonlight Core A® from 2012 to present.

Please know this schedule and author are not associated with Sonlight® in any way.  As usual, I just want to share the work I put into finding supplemental hands-on material.

I made a schedule for this core several years ago.  That schedule is for 2011 and before.  It was one of my first schedules, and I think this one is better, but of course, I made it to fit myself.  :)

What does this schedule contain?  It uses several books that would need to be purchased if doing that portion of the schedule.  There are art appreciation books scheduled, extra books, activity/craft/cooking books, game links, coloring page links, video links and more.  I've even went through all the resources and made a list every week of things one may need to put on the shopping list for the week.  I left out things I thought someone would have in their home.  Anyhow, let's just get on with it!

Culture Supplement Schedule



  1. I thought I had lost your blog forever! I am so glad that I saw the pin for your Core A notebooking pages and was able to find you again (I had a link to the old blog address).

  2. I'm glad you did as well! I had to move hastily, as my other blog provider, Homeschool Blogger, was changing a whole bunch of things and deleting all blogs!! I don't know how to tell people I moved, though, as the previous blog is just gone.

  3. Is there a way to access the link to the updated culture supplement schedule? The link at bottom of post is not working

    1. This site where I used to store my documents is up and down all the time. It is very unreliable. I will check my files to see if I still have this grid schedule. If I do, I'll upload it to Google Docs, which is much more reliable. Sorry for the hassle!