Sunday, June 2, 2013

Freebies Coming in June!

I've been studiously working on some simple notebook pages for my first grader this year.  I went a little hog wild!  I don't expect to use all of these with her, but I do like to be able to pick and choose what I want to do as the year progresses.  

These pages are appropriate for elementary aged students, although the target range is K-2.  Some of the questions are quite simple for older students, but a few could be used with your later elementary students.  I have not made them with typical handwriting paper lines, as I don't expect my 1st grader to write that much.  What I intend to do is transcribe for her as she narrates, while a few of the pages will require copywork and labeling from her, as well as drawing.  I am thinking about adapting what I have with handwriting paper lines if there is interest in the comments section!  :)

The read aloud pages are mainly narration-style pages.  The history pages are an extreme whirlwind preview/introduction of history from prehistory through World War 2 (these pages are very light and only skim the surface).  The 10 pages on cultures just briefly skim foods, homes, languages, clothing, jobs, and religions.

I will have 3 sets of pages, all 3 to go with Sonlight Core A®, but the last 2 sets will be able to be used with any curriculum.  These pages and author have no affiliation with Sonlight®.

  • Read Aloud notebooking pages
  • History notebooking pages
  • Cultures notebooking pages 

I am working out any kinks now, and will be sharing this month sometime!

Inside Information

If you are interested in what I have cooking in the background...

 I have not started these next sets yet, but I am happily in the planning stages of some pages for some of the Holling C. Holling books to include Seabird, Tree in the Trail, Paddle to the Sea, and Minn of the Mississippi.  It is a big project, though, and I have no idea when I'll even start them.  I typically take a break between sets, but as making these is a hobby of sorts, I know I can't stay away from creating them!  I will share them as I complete each set, not all together in one set. 



  1. Hi Julie,
    I am not sure if I am missing something but when I click on the links for the pages, nothing happens.
    Are they not there or am I doing something wrong?

  2. Hi Kathleen. I'm so sorry for the confusion. I'm not quite done with the pages yet. I intended to just let people know that I was working on these, and they will be coming in the month of June. I am hoping to get these shared by next week sometime, though. I just need to get out any kinks. Thank you for visiting!