Friday, July 5, 2013

Word Root Notebooking

We are really enjoying our word root curriculum this year.  We are using Michael Clay Thompson's Building Language with my 4th grader.  It is a pleasure to do each lesson, but each lesson packs a punch. 

To allow for DD10's creativity, we have been notebooking these roots in various ways.  Mainly, we have been using several different kinds of minibooks I found at Homeschool Share.  You could cut them out and paste them to another page, but we just left the page intact.

Since word roots are like puzzle pieces, we utilized that picture to help cement some of the roots.  And it is working.  With the $15 I spent for Building Language Teacher's Manual, I think she is getting a solid introduction to Latin roots, and she is finding them in everyday life.  The curriculum may seem gentle with nothing to do, but for every stem, your child will write poems, break words down, use a dictionary, analyze words, and more.  You really don't need the student book, as the teacher's manual is the student pages plus the assignments in the margins.  Excellent!

For more creativity, the word roots are like stems, roots, and puzzle pieces.  All of these visual aids can be used by drawing a stem, root, or puzzle pieces and writing the prefixes, base words, and suffixes on them.


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