Friday, October 18, 2013

Columbus Notebooking Ideas

Time for more notebooking ideas!  We recently finished up Columbus, and this is what we put into our history notebooks.  We've got a lot of sketches (true to our DDs' form), some printable 3D components, and notebook pages. 

Free Columbus lapbook (used here as 3D notebooking)

Color Ptolmeic Map

Columbus notebook page (part of a large American History notebooking download)

Explorer's Food pocket/3D component

Have fun, and I hope you've been inspired!

The 3D flap booklets you see on this sketch are from the above Columbus lapbook.

This map is from a book we purchased called Interactive 3D Maps:  American History.  It is an excellent resource, and I highly recommend it for your American history studies.


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