Friday, May 9, 2014

Inspiration Corner: Notebooking With Littles Part 1

This week the Inspiration Corner includes links to outside blogs to hopefully give us ideas for notebooking with our little ones.  My youngest would beg for pages of her own after seeing her big sisters getting their creativity out in their notebooks.  Stay tuned for Part 2.

  • Feels Like Home has shared an easy way to implement a Kindergarten journal.  This can be used after reading to your child, anything from history to just a good story.
  • At The Chaos and the Clutter, Sharla has given tips on nature notebooking that can be used with the youngest of children able to hold a crayon.  
  • I shared some ideas on how we notebooked our way through a visit to the pond.  From drawing leaves to tree identification, there was some learning going on here, even in my then 4-year-old.
  •  Saylor's Log has shared a great notebook-worthy manipulative idea for the seasons.  This is a link to Pinterest.
  • Once again, Saylor's Log is getting young children writing with rich adjectives and a fun craft to embellish this great notebook page.   This is a link to Pinterest as well.
  • Here's another of my posts about the stages of pumpkin growth.  I used some lapbook components for a 3D notebook page.
  • Amy at Step Into Second Grade posted ideas for your notebook from teeth to Dr. Seuss summaries.  These are hands-on crafty sorts of pages.


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