Thursday, May 22, 2014

Inspiration Corner: Notebooking With Littles Part 2

  • Ticia really inspired me with homemade notebook pages for young ones while studying America in the 1950s.  This goes to show you don't need premade notebook pages, and the homemade ones are beautiful!
  • Eve over at Science Notebooking really knows how to notebook science.  Our science notebooks are often neglected, but her blog is packed full with new ideas!  You pick an animal at the top of the food chain and create flaps in its belly for all of that animal's prey. 
  • I did this foldable with my 1st grader this year.  Over at Third Grade Thinkers, Doris made a foldable on the Earth's seasons, including the Earth's position to the sun during each season.
  • Kindergarten, Kindergarten had some wonderful math notebook ideas!  We haven't jumped into math notebooking yet, but this post does inspire me.  She goes into shapes, and more than just circle, square, triangle, etc.  She introduces corners and sides.  Check it out!


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