Friday, June 6, 2014

Inspiration Corner: Language Arts Notebooking

  • Get crafty with this fun and creative poetry page for your language arts notebook.
  • This is an idea to get some creative adjectives flowing from mind to notebook page.  I included it not to print, but this would be an excellent homemade notebook page!
  • The sky is the limit for the inside of this fun little bat book.  Again, summarizing with a fun twist!
  • Give your student descriptive words of characters in a current book on a card and have them find sentences to support that trait.  Then store the cards in a character analysis pocket.
  • Here's a freebie!  I created copywork and picture study pages for my upper elementary girls.  The sentences are in print, but I required them to translate the sentences into cursive.  These could be for early elementary as well since they are in print.

I hope you've found some inspiration here today!


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