Monday, August 18, 2014

Inspiration Corner: Human Body Notebooking

We enjoyed sketching human body systems in our freestyle notebooking

  • Cynce's Place shared another free lapbook.  This one covers the skeletal system

Image attribution:  Dover Publications
The free samples from Dover are priceless for your notebook.  As pictured above, click here to get your "What is Blood" printable

  • Jimmie, the queen of notebooking, shared what her family did with a human body lapbook

Image attribution:  Dover Publications
Another great human body printable from Dover, as seen in image above.  Color the urological system.

  • Label the parts of skin in this colorful printable.  There are also some fun hands-on activities to flesh out your studies. Pun not intended!

Image attribution:  Dover Publications

Print out this interesting bone sheet from Dover (see image above). 

  • How about a game for your human body study?  Here are free printables to create a nerve file folder game

Image attribution:  Crayola
Color the heart and label its parts at 

Image Attribution
Use this vivid printable to label the organs in your body!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Updated Early Elementary Ancient History Supplement

I have finally updated my outdated schedule that correlates with Sonlight Core B®.  This schedule and author are not affiliated with Sonlight® in any way.

One note, I didn't update my old Core B schedule, so this supplement schedule follows 2011 and before.  I'm still sharing, as the ideas are here, but they won't line up as nicely with the new Core B.  Hopefully it will still be helpful.

Early Elementary Ancient History supplement (Core B 2011 and before)