Monday, August 18, 2014

Inspiration Corner: Human Body Notebooking

We enjoyed sketching human body systems in our freestyle notebooking

  • Cynce's Place shared another free lapbook.  This one covers the skeletal system

Image attribution:  Dover Publications
The free samples from Dover are priceless for your notebook.  As pictured above, click here to get your "What is Blood" printable

  • Jimmie, the queen of notebooking, shared what her family did with a human body lapbook

Image attribution:  Dover Publications
Another great human body printable from Dover, as seen in image above.  Color the urological system.

  • Label the parts of skin in this colorful printable.  There are also some fun hands-on activities to flesh out your studies. Pun not intended!

Image attribution:  Dover Publications

Print out this interesting bone sheet from Dover (see image above). 

  • How about a game for your human body study?  Here are free printables to create a nerve file folder game

Image attribution:  Crayola
Color the heart and label its parts at 

Image Attribution
Use this vivid printable to label the organs in your body!


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