Saturday, December 27, 2014

Olmec Notebooking Page

I decided to expand on my 2nd grader's ancient history study by exploring the Olmec people more.  Not much is know about them, so the page is short and sweet.

This page is geared toward lower elementary, so no writing is required.  There's a place to draw your own Olmec head and then a suggestion to carve it into a bar of white soap.

There's an opportunity to go off on a few bunny trails from this page as well.  Chocolate and rubber are briefly mentioned, and if there's interest, you and your kids can research those topics more.

I hope you find this useful!

Olmec notebooking page



  1. It is very ironic that you posted today since I just linked you to my blog this morning! I was here some time ago and made a note to self regarding your blog. While doing some cleaning and decluttering, I found my note and logged on. I was a bit disappointed to find you hadn't posted in a while, but totally understand how life is busy. I thought I would link up to keep an eye on things and here you are!


    1. My posting pattern is to post more during long breaks! lol You'll see more from me starting in February through August as I prepare for my girls' next year. I have a few notebooking ideas on back burners, just waiting for me to arrange them into a post.

      Knowing that someone is interesting in what I'm posting motivates me, though! Thanks for commenting :)