Friday, January 9, 2015

Missing Files

Unfortunately, HS Launch, where I stored many of my old files, has gone down.  I have no idea how to contact them to see if I can get my files back.  Normally, I have the files on my computer, but these old files were on a laptop that crashed several years ago, and I lost them. 

I'm looking at my backed up files now to see if I can restore some of my files.  Many will be lost, though.  Give me several days to go through these files, transfer them to Google Docs, and then update my pages.  I'm so sorry for this. 



  1. Yeah, there is no hope of recovery. The owner of the site doesn't have a current email address, and my files are inaccessible. Sigh. So discouraging. Many of my posts are just garbage now without the files attached. I may quit...

  2. Hi! I have stored some of your sets on my computer. Not just the links, so if I can be of any assistance, I'd be happy to give you your forms back, lol. Im so sorry that this is happened to you, all of your hard work! I am currently doing Core B, so I have some of those downloads and some core A, possibly C... Best of Luck!

    1. The Core C notebook pages are the ones I personally want for when we do Core C next year. If you have some of my files can you send to julieseidel at bellsouth dot net?

  3. Julie I am sorry to hear this about your files. We are a home-educating family and we are using your Paddle to the Sea thank you for all your hard work and sharing for fREE!

    In England,

  4. So sorry, Julie. You have such quality work. How frustrating.

  5. Oh...I feel so sorry for you. You have been such a great help for me. I have downloaded almost all your Notebooking pages and always come and check to see if you've added more. You are truly a gift from God and all your work is a real ministry for other moms who don't have your talent.