Monday, April 13, 2015

Elementary Supplement Schedule-Fall of Rome to Present

This is a first time share for this schedule.  I've used it before and had a hard copy, but I lost the PDF in my computer crash several years ago.

Anyway, I've collected videos, hands-on activities, recipes, notebook pages, and some art suggestions for Sonlight Core C®.  This schedule and this author are not affiliated with Sonlight®.

I have lots of books in our personal library, which we may or may not add, and I've included several in this schedule.  You can try to find at your library or just go ahead and substitute something else or read nothing extra at all!  More and more, I've not added anything to our Sonlight cores, especially reading.

The books that stand out as gems to me are:

  • How Children Lived by Chris and Melanie Rice
  • Geography From A to Z by Jack Knowlton
  • Story of the World Volume 2 Activity Guide by Susan Wise Bauer

With those, I think there will be plenty of supplements to keep you busy this year!  While Story of the World Volume 2 is not scheduled in this supplement outright, you will note SOTW Chapters in the lapbook and Activity Guide suggestions.  You could read those chapters in SOTW if you like.  I am really trying to simplify things, so we will actually be reading A Child's History of the World that Sonlight schedules.

Elementary Fall of Rome to Present Supplement Schedule


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  1. Thank You! I too, will probably just focus on CHOW as sched in Core C, but I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU helping me to find other things to add for my son's retention. We like the SOTW AG and usually try to coordinate- so thank you! YOU HAVE BLESSED ME:)