American History Freebies

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Grid Supplement Schedules and Notebook Pages

American History Part 1 supplement (to SL Core D®)  

American History Part 1 notebook pages (correlates with SL Core D®, but can be used with any curricula)  

American History Part 2 supplement (to SL Core E®)  

American History Part 2 notebook pages A  
American History Part 2 notebook pages B (correlates with SL Core E®, but can be used with any curricula)  

American Art Appreciation

Later American Painter Appreciation 

President Study

President flashcards  

American Geography

Tree in the Trail notebook pages  

Paddle to the Sea notebook pages  

Minn of the Mississippi notebook pages  

Animals of the Mississippi notebook pages  


Explorer's Food pocket  

Reasons for Exploration layer book  

Sea Monster! Exploration pop-up book


Colonial Apothecary lift-flap pages

Plantation Crops of the South notebook component  

The West

Gold Rush notebook pages   

State Study

State Flower sticker pages  

State Seal sticker pages  

State Bird sticker pages  

State Quarter sticker pages  

State Flag sticker pages  

State Map sticker pages  


Civil War

George Washington Carver quote copywork pages  

Early 1900s (Approximately)

Statue of Liberty poetry copywork  

Wright Brothers notebook pages  

World War 1

In Flanders Fields poetry copywork  

WW1 Political Cartoon and Propaganda discussion pages  

In the Trenches-WW1 notebook pages  

Animals of WW1 notebook pages  

On the Homefront-WW1 notebook pages  


Roaring Twenties notebook pages  

World War 2

World War 2 Victory Garden notebook pages  

World War 2 Propaganda and K Rations notebook pages  

World War 2 Japanese Internment Camp notebook pages  


Cold War/Communism notebook pages 


  1. Thank you so much for these!! I am doing Core A & D this year and these resources are such a blessing! I am having trouble downloading the Core D notebooking pages however. I need to have a premium scribd account? Is there another way to access those pages?

  2. I apologize for this bad link. I have switched over my shared files to Google Docs, as Scribd was asking for money (which I don't see any of), so I have changed the link above! I hope you find them helpful to your homeschool.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your heart, and all the time you put into these. They were truly a gift from God, as I was searching for pages to line up with our Sonlight readers we are using this year. Thank you so much for passing along such a gift. I have made pages in the past, and I know the work that goes into them. Thank you, I am grateful.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It truly blesses me to know it blesses you.

  4. This is sooo impressive, and sooo helpful! I just started Core D this month and my only regret is that I didn't find this until I was ready to start week 4. Your schedule format makes it easy for me to pick and choose which activities will enhance our studies without adding stress. Thank you for all your work and your generosity for sharing it.

    1. I'm glad you find it helpful! I pick and choose as needed from my schedule. We certainly can't get to it all. Thanks for commenting. :)

  5. We just finished Core D and I wanted to thank you for the notebook pages and state study! They were such a great compliment to our reading and my girls looked forward to filling in their notebooks each week! I am excited to see what you come up with for core E! Thanks for putting in the time and effort, it makes my job so much easier!

    1. You are very welcome! The new notebook pages and grid schedules for Core E are done and will soon be published. We'll finish the state study started in D and start a light president study, and of course links, printables, and videos will be included.

  6. These are great! I'm going to use this to help us stretch out core D, because my kids are on the younger end of the range. I think this will be a great way to help us do that. Thanks so much! I can tell you put a lot into these.

  7. The WW2 notebook pages are fun. I'm going to have a very hard time picking and choosing. Very hard!

    I haven't been on the SL forums in the last week or so, but I hope you've been able to finish well. I am still trying to make myself wait a few more weeks before starting E, but admittedly I'm chomping at the bit. I'm eager to see the new grid for E. No pressure. LOL

    1. I don't know what possessed me to make so many pages!! I was going to do some Civil Rights pages as well, but I had so many already, I felt it was overkill. I will definitely have a hard time picking and choosing as well.

      The grid schedule for E is coming up next week...

    2. Oh, I'm happy to hear that. I have to admit every time I get an email of an update from your blog I get all hopeful. LOL So silly of me. I don't know how you have time to do this! See you around.

      (PS I've given your link out a few more times on some of the SL Facebook groups, so I hope you continue to get good traffic. It must be rewarding to see your hard work get used and used again. People really like your stuff.)

    3. It is rewarding! I love the comments! :)

  8. Wow, such a wealth of info - thank you so much for sharing your efforts! :)

  9. These are such a blessing! I am doing Core D with two kids, and it just wasn't enough for them. This has helped tremendously! Thank you!!!

  10. Thank you so much! This is absolutely a blessing.

  11. When I clicked on your link for Underground Railroad Lapbook pages, a virus warning popped up and gave a number to call. Has this happened to anyone? Is is legit? Weird?

    1. I will have to go through my printables. All of the files I stored on HSLaunch are gone now, and it takes you to weird places. Thanks for letting me know!

  12. Thank you so much for all the time and work you put into these resources and for your generosity in sharing them! This is exactly what I've been looking for and is an answer to prayer!

  13. Wow! I am doing my second round with Core D and just happened to stumble upon your blog. The supplements are amazing and I want to thank you for sharing your hard work! I know this takes LOTS OF TIME!! Thank you, again.

  14. We have just finished using your N/B pages for "Paddle-to-the-Sea" WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for freely blessing us and others :)

  15. Thank you for sharing all this! I was just looking for some extras to do next year for Core D and found your treasure.

  16. Thank you! I have downloaded Paddle and Minn! What an enrichment! You are a blessing

  17. Hello,

    I just saw your American History schedule and I love it.Will you continue doing these year by year?

    1. I am so glad that it is useful still. I know Sonlight updates often, and my schedules will probably not line up as perfect anymore.

      I use a different curriculum now, as my girls were not meshing with Sonlight as well as before. Thanks for commenting!

  18. I just stumbled upon your website, and oh I am excited!! I have been using Sonlight for 6 years, and have wanted more of a notebooking element for a while. THANK YOU SO MUCH putting so much of your time and effort into this and letting us other moms use it for free, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am!

    1. You are so very welcome! I am excited to see how many people still use the pages I've made.

  19. Julie,
    Your pages are so beautiful. The best I have seen. They are better than any I have ever purchased in 10 years of homeschooling. My kids have loved the Holling ones. This year I printed the American painter study and I have used your ideas for extras. You have an amazing talent that you should profit from!! Consider using teachers pay teachers so we can compensate some of your hard work. And please keep creating for those of us that are not good at it~!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! They have encouraged me to try and earn extra for our family.

  20. I am starting Core D the second time around and am excited to have found your resources! Thanks so much for all your hard work on these. They are just what I was needing!

  21. Thank you for sharing all of this information! Do you have an updated link for the Explorers Pocket? It is a broken Scribd link.