Early Elementary Fall of Rome to Present Freebies

TERMS OF USE:  All are for educational use only, not for sale, may be used for your immediate family's use only, and may not be stored electronically on the Internet. Please direct friends to my blog instead of sending them the PDFs directly.  Thanks for that, and also please comment if the links aren't working!

Elementary Fall of Rome to Present Supplement Grid Schedule

We are going to use these with Sonlight Core C and Story of the World 2

Core C/SOTW2 notebook page


  1. We used your supplement guide for Core B this last year and I am eagerly awaiting Core C this fall. Thank you so much for sharing your efforts - these are fabulous resources!

  2. The links for Foul Food in Medieval England flag book and Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! are not working I get sent to hslaunch.com

  3. The last 2 links above direct me to something different and aren't working (Foul Food in Mecieval England Flag book & Character Analysis for Good Masters! sweet Ladies!). Did the link change? Thanks so much! This looks like it will be a fun addition to our Core C.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! The site I had kept these files at (HS Launch) is no longer in operation. Unfortunately, the computer I had these files stored on crashed and I don't have access to any of those files. I took the links down to make sure it wasn't leading people to questionable material. Thanks again for the heads up!

  4. Do your week's coincide exactly with Core 2? So, like in addition to the Sonlight reading on Week 1, Day 2, you would look up the Khan Academy's Byzantine stuff? Just trying to figure this out being a new homeschooler...

  5. Hi there, the days did match up quite nicely with the Core that I completed several years ago. I'm not sure if Sonlight updated this core since I used it.

    Every once in a while I saw that an activity would fit better on a different day, but for the most part, the activities on my schedule align with the week in Sonlight. I hope that helps, and let me know if you need further clarification. :)