Monday, July 28, 2014

Later American Painter Appreciation

For some reason, these pages were difficult for me to finish.  I usually only did 2 paintings in one sitting.  Maybe I was just getting tired of making pages, as I've been working for several months on the sets I've already released.

These are scheduled in my American History Part 2 Supplement Schedule, and all of the artists are American.  They are arranged in chronological order, so the paintings won't line up exactly as you go through your American history studies, but it will be close.

Art appreciation, check!

Later American Painter Appreciation


Thursday, July 24, 2014

American History Part 2 Supplement Schedule

I made this schedule to supplement Sonlight Core E®.  This schedule and this author are not affiliated with Sonlight® in any way.

As usual, there are tons of ideas here, and they will work with any American history curriculum.  We certainly don't use all the ideas in this schedule, but pick and choose.  Sometimes we're just not in the mood to do something, and we simply skip it!

I've scheduled a wrap-up of the state study started in last year's schedule.  The states were scheduled as they entered the union.  Since this schedule is from Civil War to present, any states which entered after 1850 are included in this schedule.

There is also a president study starting on week 21.  I am using a book called Smart About the Presidents to help me out.  We will simply read a short 2-page spread on each president, complete some lapbook components that I found for free on Homeschool Share, and I created some president flashcards to help us remember them all.  All the links are included in the schedule.

Other than that, we've got plenty of internet links (which sometimes go dead), activities found on the internet, time period recipes, activity books, a few extra books (which we don't always get to), and lots of notebooking.

I hope you find it helpful in fleshing out your history books this year!

American History Part 2 supplement schedule


Monday, July 21, 2014

Cold War/Communism Notebook Pages

Communism and capitalism are rather abstract concepts, but 4th through 7th graders can understand basics of both.  We focus mainly on events in this short set of pages, but do get into a little of communism versus capitalism.  I've provided some nice websites to look at that include videos for kids to help traverse this topic.

Check out my other American history printables in the sidebar.  I've got interactive pages with typically less writing and notebook pages that are all writing to summarize history readings.  I also created some supplemental grid schedules.  Although I made these to coordinate with Sonlight®, the grid schedules can be used as an idea base for any American history curriculum.

Cold War/Communism Notebook Pages


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

World War 2 Notebook Pages

The WW2 pages I've made are very simple, as there were some nice free WW2 lapbooks already available.  From WW2 propaganda posters to K Rations for the soldiers, this set is filled with images. 

The second set in my WW2 series is all about the Victory Garden and rationing on the home front.  This set has a little more to do, but is filled with images as well.  Create a layout of your own Victory Garden, investigate food substitutions, make your own recipes, and more!

Lastly, I made some pages on the Japanese internment camps during WW2.

World War 2 Victory Garden notebook pages

World War 2 Propaganda and K Rations notebook pages

World War 2 Japanese Internment Camp notebook pages


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Roaring Twenties Notebook Pages

Here's my next installment of freebies for the year!  I had the most fun listening to music from the 20s as I made these, especially jazz.

As usual, my interactive notebook pages are supposed to be more fun than work, so there isn't a lot of writing or research.  I think the age range could be from about 4th to 6th grade, but they are definitely adaptable.  More writing could be included to accompany the profuse images in this set.  This one will take a lot of ink, but I felt images were needed more here, as many children just don't have a frame of reference for these times.  Plus seeing the things used during a different time is fascinating to kids!


Roaring Twenties notebook pages


Friday, July 4, 2014

Lewis and Clark Notebooking Ideas

Here are some of the notebooking pages we did for Lewis and Clark.  All of these ideas are on my American History Part 1 grid schedule, spaced out so as not to do too much notebooking in a single week.

Here is a list of the freebies I found on the web.  I didn't make any on this inspiration corner.

What Natives got from buffalo

Sketches by 9yo inspired by Draw and Write Through History

Sketch by 11yo (Sacajawea) inspired by Draw and Write Through History

Picture Writing Stories

Lewis and Clark map plus 1 component from Lewis and Clark lapbook

Lewis and Clark lapbook components